Central Florida History 
  • Historical research
  • Photo research
  • Oral history interviews
  • Talks for groups and fundraisers
Writing and Editing 
  • Feature articles
  • Manuscript review
  • Revisions and line editing
  • Copy edit for grammar, style, and clarity
  • Proofreading
Contact Joy for more information:  
More information on this page is coming soon.

One thought on “Services

  1. Hi Joy,
    First of all I must tell you how much I enjoy you column in Sunday’s Sentinel.
    Having been born and raised in south Jersey I feel I must correct you as to you column on Jan. 26th. I mentioned that New Jersey didn’t have a state song. How about “On The Boardwalk In Atlantic City” or my most favorite “On The Way To Cape May”.If these are not considered to be state songs I stand to be corrected,
    AnnMarie Dobson-Szlezak
    Kissimmee, Fl.

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